Moving is not only stressful, it can also be very expensive. KAL Make Your Move has compiled this list to help quicken your move and save you money!

1. Pre-arrange parking!

By pre-saving parking spots for the moving truck, you will ensure that the company does not have to wait around to park, or even worse, make them park far away from the house or building. The closer the truck is to your home, the quicker the move will go. A good way of doing this is by taking up the best parking spot with your own family cars and switching spots with the truck when the movers arrive.

2. Disassemble/reassemble everything yourself!

Some companies will actually add an additional charge for disassembling and reassembling so doing it yourself will save you that bill right of the bat! Other companies do not charge extra for the service, however you are getting charged by the hour so the time it takes them to disassemble and reassemble will save you some time.

3. Have your movers unload everything in the common area!

Sort out all the boxes on your own time. A lot of time is wasted bringing belongings to each individual room. For the boxes that are light, you can have your movers drop everything in the closest room to the front door and move it to the individual room on your own time afterwards. It would make sense for the movers to bring all the heavier items as well as the bigger furniture to each individual room, but from our experience bringing the lighter boxes or furniture to each individual room yourself can save you a lot of time.

4. Book Your Move in the morning!

If you are moving from a full house this may not necessarily apply to you, as most full house moves will start bright and early and will take all day. However for 1 bedroom apartment moves or bachelor suites, the moves can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Moving companies will book one in the morning and one in the afternoon to maximize the full day. Getting movers that are already tired because they did a move prior to yours is not a good idea, they will naturally move a little slower. If you have the option, it’s always best to book your movers in the morning when their energy is at its peak.

5. Have the moving elevator ready for when the team arrives!

So you booked the elevator well in advance of your move, but you didn’t realize that the elevator needs to be prepped! Often buildings take up to 30 minutes just getting the elevator ready to go. First you have to find the concierge/superintendent, then they need to do an inspection of the moving elevators and hallways and then finally pad the elevator. This should all be completed prior to the moving company’s arrival so that you are not charged while these details are being sorted.

6. Move in the summer time!

Moving during winter naturally takes a little longer. Movers need to be more careful in order to not slip and break a leg! Moving in the winter increases the chances of there being snow and ice so movers maybe required to clear a path of snow and salt down the area – this takes time. Also, if you have carpeted areas in your home where you would not want movers to walk on, the movers will have to put down “runners” (a rubber walkway) or put on and remove shoe covers. All takes up additional time!

If you have the option, make it summer time move!

7. Have everything packed in Boxes!

People can typically only hold 2 to 3 items in their hands at once, whereas a box can hold many smaller items. So in essence when a mover picks up a box, they are transporting much more than 2 or 3 items at a time. Furthermore, boxes can be easily stacked and taken with a dolly multiplying the efficiency of transporting materials. Another way boxes save time is that it makes packing the truck a lot faster!

Don’t avoid purchasing moving boxes as it may end up costing you more!.

At KAL Make Your Move we pride ourselves in being professional, affordable and reliable. We have extensive moving experience in the field with trucks, personnel and equipment to make your move smooth and stress-free. Not only are we fully licensed and insured, but you can count on our integrity and efficiency. Quick, clean and careful customer service is what you can rely on! Moving Toronto and the surrounding areas, call KAL Make Your Move for a free quote!