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From beginning to end KAL Make Your Move can assist every step of the way. Ask us about how the flexibility within our services can work for you.


When you contact us, the first thing we do is establish the type of move it is. Is it residential, commercial, or industrial?


Is it local or long distance? Is it a big move like a 4 Bedroom Household move? Or small move like a Bachelor Suite move?


Whatever type of moving service you require, our team can walk you through the process. Below are the different categories of moves that KAL Make Your Move can help you with.

Commercial / Industrial Moves:


Whether you are moving store fronts or moving your entire warehouse, KAL Make Your Move can assist you in making it pain free. 


Some of the factors that affect these types of moves include:


  • Is there a loading dock?
  • Are there any time constraints or restrictions?
  • How many square feet is the complex?
  • Are there loading racks and will a forklift be needed?
  • Are there any parking restrictions?
  • Are there any dangerous goods or hazardous materials?

Junk Removal Services


KAL Make Your Move specializes in residential junk removal services. It’s better to do a spring cleaning prior to your move so you are not paying to move belongings that you intend to throw away/sell/giveaway. It will also make the organizing of your new living space much more manageable. 


For renovation junk removals, feel free to use our industry partners, we look forward to pointing you in the right direction.


Delivery Services


KAL Make Your Move offers professional delivery services for a wide variety of products. We have extensive experience delivering High-end Furniture, Residential Appliances, Hardwood Flooring, Tile, Kitchen Cabinets, to name a few. 


We offer flexibility with different sized trucks, with both one-mover or multi-mover teams. We can also include assembling and product placement anywhere within a home or establishment.


We have the moving equipment to keep both the product and client’s home damage free.


Looking for a reliable delivery service? Call KAL Make Your Move to open an account!


Storage Services


The typical options for storage services are the following: 


  • Overnight Storage
  • Onsite Storage
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Indoor Climate Controlled


Depending on your situation, the type of storage service that would make the most sense for you would differ.  


KAL Make Your Move can advise on which is best for you and your situation. 


Contact us – we will walk you through it.


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