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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there really no hidden Fees?

A. KAL Make Your Move does not charge any fees other than the flat rate within Toronto. There is no gas charge, no kilometres charge, no lift-gate charge and no stairs charge.

No Hidden Fees Whatsoever!

Service beyond the borders of the GTA however will incur a charge proportionate to the gas that will be used as well as any toll routes that must be used.

If any of these fees do apply to your move, our staff will let you know beforehand.

Q. Can KAL Make Your Move cater to single house hold items?

A. Yes, if you only have a single item such as a sofa or a bed we would be happy to move it for you. The standard rate would apply given that the job takes more than 1.5 hours. If the job takes less than 1.5 hours, then the minimum charge would apply.

Q. What is the minimum charge?

A. The minimum charge for KAL Make Your Move is $125 for one mover, and $200 for two movers.

Q. What is "travel time" and how does it work?

A. Many companies will start charging you from the time they leave their premises until they return to their premises. Depending on how far they are from you and what the traffic conditions are like, you may be charged an hour prior to them arriving to your residence and an additional hour for them to get back.

Other companies just add 1 hour to your quote to make up for the travel time it takes them to get to your residence and get back to their premises after they are done the job, regardless of how long it actually takes them.

KAL Make Your Move charges 30 minutes each way within Toronto. Once our team arrives to your residence, you will receive a phone call which would mark the start of our time. Our time stops once we finish unloading your belongings.

For services outside the GTA however, a travel time charge will occur proportionate to the amount of time it would take to get back into the city. We add 1 hour for every 100 kilometers.

For Example: Ottawa is about 400 kilometres away from Toronto therefore an additional 4 hours will be added to the invoice.

Q. Do I need 2 or 3 labourers to help me move?

A. Depending on the situation, it might make sense to hire a third a person to move you. Generally for apartments and condos 2 movers is sufficient, however for a house it is much more efficient with  4 or more movers.

With KAL Make Your Move, a third person will cost an extra $35 per hour. This would be worth it as a third person helps to speed up the time it takes. Hiring a third person will expedite the job and more often than not will help save you money.

For a 5 hour job, a third person may shave off one hour from your move which would then save you money.

Q. How long does it take to move a one bedroom apartment/condo to another one bedroom apartment/condo?

A. The amount of belongings in the unit will dictate the time it would take. However, we have done several of these types of moves and none have exceeded more than 5 hours. The average one bedroom condo can be moved in about 3.5 – 4 hours within the city, however, there are different factors that will determine the time such as:

  • The number of difficult corners to exit the unit
  • The amount of awkward bulky furniture
  • The distance between destinations
  • The level that your unit is located in the building
  • The number of flight of stairs.

TIP: If everything is disassembled and packed well prior to our arrival it would positively affect the time.

Q. How long does it take to move a house?

A. There are numerous factors that range considerably when it comes to moving a house such as:

  • The square footage of the house
  • The number of rooms
  • The amount of furniture and/or belongings in the basement
  • Added items such as patio furniture
  • The amount of awkward bulky furniture
  • The distance between destinations

All these different factors will depict the length of the move. There have been many times where jobs have taken over 10 hours with regards to moving a house.

Q. How can I quicken the process?

A. 1. Disassemble bulky furniture that won’t fit through doorways prior to our arrival.

2. Have everything pre-packed and labeled ‘Fragile’ and/or ‘Heavy’ prior to our arrival.

3. If doors need to be taken off their hinges, do so prior to our arrival.

4. Make sure to book elevators, if needed.

Q. Does KAL Make Your Move accept gratuity?

A. If you are happy with the service any gratuity would be accepted and appreciated.

Q. Can I pay with credit card?

A. Yes, we accept Master Card and VISA as well as American Express

Q. When do I pay?

A. KAL Make Your Move is one of few companies that take payment after all the unloading is finished. Many other companies choose to take payment prior to the unloading of your belongings.

Q. Does KAL Make Your Move do "specialty items" i.e. Grand Piano's , Pool Tables, Jacuzzi's, etc.?

A. Currently we do not cater to these type of services but recommend that clients seek out specialty companys that do.

Q. Flat Rate vs. Hourly Rate?

A. Typically, an hourly rate is less expensive due to the fact that the flat rate includes the added cost of having an on-site quote.For flat rates a representative would come to your residence and give you a quote after viewing your belongings. Companies usually charge and add to your quote for that added service. As a customer, you might like having the peace of mind knowing how much the total cost will be. By law, the moving company holds the right to increase the amount owed by a maximum of 10% if the move lasts longer than the initial estimate. Knowing the approximate final amount can be useful for insurance purposes as well as knowing the fact that the company cannot work slowly to extend the hourly rate.

Q. Is it cheaper to just rent my own and truck and move myself ?

A. Renting a truck and having friends or family help you move is generally less expensive than hiring a moving company. The drawbacks however is the lack of experience in moving as well as not having the appropriate equipment to protect and speed up the process. You run the risk of someone getting injured (straining their back) as well your property getting damaged. Legitimate moving companies carry insurance that cover them from these associated risks, and have personnel that have been trained to lift household belongings with technique,  minimizing the chance of injuries.

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