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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there really no hidden Fees?

AKAL Make Your Move does not charge any hidden fees whatsoever! There is no shrink wrapping charge, no lift-gate charge, no disassembly/reassembly charge, and no long carry charge.

There are additional charges above our hourly rate such as Stairs or Fuel/ Kilometers, Specialty items , however these charges will be disclosed to you in writing ahead of your move.

Q. What if I want to move 1 or 2 items?

A. We do cator to single item moves such as a sofa or a bed.

The standard rates would apply, most of the time it would fall under our minimum charge depending on how far the item(s) are going. 
Q. What is the minimum charge?

A. The minimum charge for moving services with KAL Make Your Move is $375 plus hst.

Q. What is "travel time" and how does it work?

A. Travel time is the time that companies charge to get to your loading address , and back from your offloading address. Many companies will start charging you from the time they leave their premises until they return to their premises. Depending on how far they are from you , the route they take and what the traffic conditions are like, it would be hard to know how much travel time will be added.

Other companies just add 1 hour to your quote to make up for the travel time it takes them to get to your residence and get back to their premises after they are done the job, regardless of how long it actually takes them.

KAL Make Your Move uses google maps to see how long it would take to get to you and back during light traffic conditions. Once our team arrives to your residence, you will receive a phone call which would mark the start  time. Our time stops once we finish unloading your belongings. and we would then add the appropriate travel time.

Q. Do I need 2 or 3 labourers to help me move?

A. Depending on the situation, it might make sense to hire a third mover to help on your job. Generally for 1 Bedroom apartments/condos 2 movers is sufficient, however for a house or moves with stairs, it is much more efficient with  4 or more movers. In many cases, having additional movers expedites the job and more often than not will help save money off your total invoice.

With KAL Make Your Move, additional movers cost an extra $65 per hour.

Q. How long does it take to move a one bedroom apartment/condo to another one bedroom apartment/condo?

A. The time it takes to move varies and differs depending on a number of different factors. Some of the variables that would affect the length of the move include the distance between both addresses, if there are any additional stops that need to be made for pick up or drop off of belongings, the amount of belongings a person possesses, if everything is packed in boxes ready to be moved,  whether disassembly and reassembly is required, the distance from your front door and where the truck can park, stairs, number of movers etc.  

However , we have done  numerouse 1 bedroom moves  and the average one bedroom condo within the same city can be moved  between 3 – 5 hours.

Q. How long does it take to move a house?
A. There are numerous factors that range considerably when it comes to moving a house such as:

  • The square footage of the house
  • The number of rooms
  • The amount of furniture and/or belongings in the basement
  • Added items such as patio furniture
  • The amount of awkward bulky furniture
  • The distance between destinations

All these different factors will depict the length of the move. There have been many times where jobs have taken over 10 hours with regards to moving a house.

Q. How can I quicken the process?
A. 1. Disassemble bulky furniture that won’t fit through doorways prior to our arrival.

2. Have everything pre-packed and labeled ‘Fragile’ and/or ‘Heavy’ prior to our arrival.

3. If doors need to be taken off their hinges, do so prior to our arrival.

4. Make sure to book elevators, if needed.

Q. Does KAL Make Your Move accept gratuity?
A. If you are happy with the service any gratuity would be accepted and appreciated.
Q. Can I pay with credit card?
A. Yes, we accept Master Card and VISA as well as American Express
Q. When do I pay?
A. KAL Make Your Move is one of few companies that take payment after all the unloading is finished. Many other companies choose to take payment prior to the unloading of your belongings.
Q. Does KAL Make Your Move do "specialty items" i.e. Appliances, Piano's , Pool Tables, Jacuzzi's, Marble table tops etc.?
A. Although KAL Make Your Move has extensive experience with specialty items, we may rely on our industry partners to move certain items depending on the complexity of the job.
Q. Flat Rate vs. Hourly Rate?

A. Typically, an hourly rate is less expensive due to the fact that the flat rate includes the added cost of having an on-site quote. For flat rates a representative would come to your residence and give you a quote after viewing your belongings. Companies usually charge and add to your quote for that added service. As a customer, you might like having the peace of mind knowing how much the total cost will be. By law, the moving company holds the right to increase the amount owed by a maximum of 10% if the move lasts longer than the initial estimate. Knowing the approximate final amount can be useful for insurance purposes as well as knowing the fact that the company cannot work slowly to extend the hourly rate.

At KAL Make Your Move , we offer a very competitive hourly rate, we are confident that you will be happy with the pace of work, and level of efficiency our team provides. If you do require a flat rate, feel free to inquire with our team.

Q. Is it cheaper to just rent my own and truck and move myself ?
A. Renting a truck and having friends or family help you move is generally less expensive than hiring a moving company. The drawbacks however is the lack of experience in moving as well as not having the appropriate equipment to protect and speed up the process. You run the risk of someone getting injured (straining their back) as well your property getting damaged. Legitimate moving companies carry insurance that cover them from these associated risks, and have personnel that have been trained to lift household belongings with technique,  minimizing the chance of injuries.
Q. What happens if something valuable breaks?
A. Kal Make Your Move has insurance, the standard insurance that comes automatically with every
move is the Ontario standard of $0.60 per lb. With us, you have the additional option of purchasing
replacement insurance, the cost of replacement insurance is 10% of the declared value.
Q. How big of a truck do I need?
A. Moving Trucks and Cargo Vans can vary in size from a 9ft.
Cargo Van to a 26 ft.moving Truck. 
A 9’ Cargo Vans are approx 250 cu. ft. and can be used for a studio or 1 room with a weight capacity of approx 2500 lbs.
10’ Truck are approx 400 cu. ft. and are used for a 1-2 bedroom with a weight capacity of approx 2500 lbs.
18’ Truck are approx 800 cu. ft. and are used for a 2-3 bedroom with a weight capacity of approx 5000 lbs.
26’ Truck are approx 1500 cu. ft. and are used for a 4 bedroom with a weight capacity of approx 7000 lbs.
Here at KAL Make Your Move , we send the appropriate sized truck based on the information provided prior to the move. We have different size trucks and are all used for different size moves. For instances where access is tight, it might make sense to send two smaller trucks. Our Team Advisors are here to make sure the best size truck is sent to eachjob.


Q. Should I remove the clothes from the drawers of my dresser? Or should I remove the drawers completely and leave the clothes in?

A. It is always best to remove your clothes from your drawers. The movers will decide whether the drawers themselves should come out to lighten the load. Usually the drawers will stay in especially if there aren’t any stairs but for heavier furniture, they may need to come out.

Q. How do deliveries work?

A. For Deliveries, we would select a day that is convenient for you and give you a window of time. Usually it is a 4 hour window either in the morning or in the afternoon. Depending on the different factors, we will make sure to send the appropriate size truck, amount of movers and equipment to ensure the delivery is done safely and on time.

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